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Leftist Alliance manifesto focuses on political stability for economic prosperity

२०७४,कार्तिक,११,शनिवार १४:३१


Kathmandu, Oct 28 : The two major parties in the Leftist Alliance – the CPN (UML) and the CPN (Maoist Centre) – have prepared the House of Representatives and the State Assembly Election Manifesto, 2017.The main slogan of the election manifesto is – “Transformation and Achievement under the Communists’ Leadership: Social Justice and Prosperity also under Communists’ Leadership.”The two parties have stated that the manifesto would be made public after the registration of the candidacies for the second phase elections. They have also stated that they would take the leadership of the economic prosperity of the country and even steer the implementation of the socialism enshrined in the constitution.The manifesto states that the Leftist Alliance alone is the true vanguard of democracy. The manifesto has set the aim of proper management of the agriculture, tourism, hydropower, herbs and human resources, the basis for economic prosperity.The left alliance has characterized some political parties as showing nervousness by blaming that the alliance would jeopardize democracy and claiming they are only the democracy stalwarts.The alliance in the manifesto is to mention its aim as- to prosper and make successful the socialism-oriented inclusive democracy and its model would be- the people’s competitive multi-party democratic system.The UML and the Maoist hailed the economic programmes their governments brought to prop up national economy and change people’s lives.Social security is prominently raised in the manifesto.Claiming that their alliance would lead the country to development, the manifesto would mention that the left alliance would accomplish the remaining tasks of the peace process, ensure justice to the conflict victims and durable peace. The national sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity would be kept in centre.As per the constitutional mandate, keeping in center the national interests, the relations with neighbours would be maintained on the basis UN Charter, panchasheel principles, mutual trust, equality and benefit, said the allianceThe parties are to devote to the concerns of workers and peasants and continue for self-reliance on economy.On the occasion, CPN (Maoist Centre) Spokesperson Pampha Bhushal said the manifesto was nearly completed with the completion of nomination.UML’s Central Office Secretary Krishna Gopal Shrestha informed that the election manifesto was being prepared with the aim of preparing base for economic prosperity.

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