२०७५, १० कार्तिक शनिवार ११:०४

CNP to increase number of water ponds

प्रकाशित मिति : २०७५, १० कार्तिक शनिवार ११:०४

Chitwan : The Chitwan National Park (CNP) has decided to increase the number of water ponds inside the park area bearing in mind an increasing population of rare wildlife. According to CNP information officer Nurendra Aryal, Rs 16.15 million has been allocated for the construction of new ponds and the management of existing ones in the current fiscal year. 

Presently the country's the oldest wildlife park spreading in an area of 932 square kilometers has 63 water ponds. 

Water is vital for all wildlife and tigers use water ponds to drink water and swim while rhinoceros and elephants need them for a bath. The Bishajari Lake, Lami Lake, Devi Lake and Tamor Lake are the famous water resources with a touristic importance in the park area. 

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