२०७५, ६ कार्तिक मंगलवार ०४:५६

Petro crisis hits hard revelers in Dashain

प्रकाशित मिति : २०७५, ६ कार्तिक मंगलवार ०४:५६

Panchthar : Panchthar saw a shortage of petrol during the festive time of Dashain. 

The volume of petroleum products, imported before Dashain, was not adequate to address the demand in the festive time. 

With the petro crisis, the people moving to the houses of relatives for receiving Tika and the revelers visiting Taplejung-based Pathibhara Temple, a famous religious site in the eastern region, were hit hard. 

“We set out our journey to the temple for offering worship but were stranded on the way. We approached petrol pumps but did not get. Nor did we get it outside. W were in dilemma how to go back to our home”, said Anil Tiwari, who travelled to the Pathivara Temple from Jhapa Birtamod. 

Not only him, there are many other revelers who came across trouble due to petro crisis. 

“Petrol was not available in pumps but it was being sold at the rate of Rs 150 per liter. I was compelled to buy petrol in an exorbitant price outside”, said Hari Neupane, who was travelling to his father-in-law’s house at Chandragadhi in Jhapa from Yangwarak rural municipality of Panchthar. 

Locals have voiced complaint that the concerned authorities have remained silent when the traders have openly sold petrol at higher price by creating artificial shortage.

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