१५ असार २०७९, बुधबार

Man knifed to death

२०७४,माघ,२,मंगलवार ०५:५०


Kanchanpur, 16 Jan – A woman has killed a person here last night, attacking him with a knife.The victim is 25-years-old Raju Bohora, who had been living in a rented room at local Katan, Bhimduttanagar Municipality-18. Bohora originally comes from Dehimandau, Dasrathchand Municipality-2 in Baitadi district.Police have held 30-year-old Dharma Bohara of Chatakpur, Dhangadhi Sub-metropolitan City-3, Kailali district for the murder. She had been living together with Raju since the last one month.According to police, Dharma attacked Raju with a knife in his neck, severely injuring him. He was rushed to the Mahakali Zonal Hospital and he died in course of treatment.Raju is a suspended police constable while Dharma is a married woman, police said. It is not known what prompted Dharma to attack Raju with a knife. The incident happened at 1.30 am. Police is investigating into the incident. (RSS)

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