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Constitutionally, PM not required to resign, says Shekhar Koirala

२०७४,पुष,१९,बुधबार ०८:४१


Biratnagar, 3 Jan : Nepali Congress central committee member Dr Shekhar Koirala has said that the people have given mandate to the Nepali Congress to remain in opposition for five years.

At a news conference organized by Nepal Press Union, Morang, at the Koirala residence here today, leader Koirala said that the left alliance has got mandate to form a government and stressed that the NC should make its organization strong by playing the role of a responsible opposition in the Parliament for five years.

He also expressed commitment that the NC would cooperate if the left alliance moved ahead on the basis of norms and values of the democratic system.

The NC leader Koirala expressed the view that constitutionally Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba need not resign from his post, but since Nepal is a democratic country, it will not make any difference even if he resigned.

Saying the constitution itself is not complete, he said, “The constitution should not have been made in this way in order to make delay in formation of government even after completion of the election.”

Leader Koirala said that Nepal should adopt a balanced foreign policy in dealing with both neighbouring countries as well as other European countries, otherwise the country might face problem.

He further said that there was necessity to hold the party’s general assembly by making some amendment on party’s statute after the central committee meeting.

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